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Buying a Shakuhachi

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Be an educated buyer. A little research goes a long way.

If you are planning on buying an expensive shakuhachi, ask the seller for an audition period to have the flute evaluated by a professional, or experienced teacher. Contact me for a free evaluation to ensure that you are buying a well made functional shakuhachi instrument.

Have your flute evaluated by a professional teacher

The shakuhachi flute, as known in Japan, is a finely tuned instrument made by highly skilled craftsmen, using methods built on centuries of informed experience. The art of making shakuhachi evolved side by side with a demanding music tradition that defined the instrument’s unique timbres. Traditionally speaking, each aspect of making a fine shakuhachi was considered and executed carefully so that the instrument would be suitable for a particular’s schools style of playing - Myoan, Kinkyo, Tozan etc… However, many contemporary craftsmen make flutes that are “friendly” to most players regardless of musical style. In order to understand, judge, or make a shakuhachi, one must understand traditional Japanese shakuhachi music. An experienced shakuhachi player will have an in-depth understanding of traditional Japanese shakuhachi music. This is why I went to Japan to study under four accomplished and highly renown traditional players of contrasting styles.

As a serious traditional craftsman, I proudly stand behind my instruments 100%.  I offer buyers 30 days to audition my instruments. If you try out your flute and decide that it’s not for you, you can exchange it for another flute of equal value, or I will make one that’s right for you, or I will refund your money back with a smile. That’s for ANY reason. In addition, all my instruments come with the unique YUNG Flutes One Year Upgrade Guarantee. Within one year, you can trade in your flute and apply the purchase cost towards a higher grade flute. This includes my refurbished Japanese made shakuhachi. And, of course,  I offer a lifetime of free customer support.  No other seller or maker in the world has ever offered this kind of commitment to the purchaser. I’m proud to say this is The best guarantee in the world.




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