A demo of all the different kinds of shakuhachi available – plastic wood, non root bamboo and classical root end Jinashi (natural bore) and Jiari (tuned bore) instrument.
Earth Model. For mediation, any instrument will do. I make the non root bamboo EARTH Model flute for this purpose as they are less costly and has a wonderful natural bamboo tone. The wait is 10 days. These range form $125 – $325.
Chikusing Model Natural bore root end bamboo. A step up from the EARTH Model. Made for the Honkyoku music of the Komuso Monks. The wait is 1-2 months – $500 – $1600
YUNG Professional Two-piece tuned bore JIARI. Made for traditional types of shakuhachi music, but also capable of playing in western music situations. Select pieces of traditionally harvested bamboo from Japan. Cured for over 20 years. Limited only by the player’s skill and imagination. The wait is one year. $2800 – $3200.

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