Repair Services

Request a Free Evaluation. Most shakuhachi repairs are one-of-a-kind. Always make sure your shakuhachi is evaluated and priced before any work is undertaken.

Repair Philosophy

There are many ways to approach shakuhachi repairs since there are many different kinds of damages and each is unique to the individual flute. Most often, I choose my non-invasive Low-Impact Method. This means that if a repair can be undertaken without removing any of the original parts, such as filling an utaguchi chip instead of replacing the horn inlay or topical binding instead of inlay rattan, I would go that route first. I believe that the non-invasive method respects the bamboo spirit and the structural integrity of the instrument. The photos above shows a crack two-piece flute with three different kinds of topical bindings performed by three different repairmen. Any repair can be beautiful in a Zen Wabi Sabi way.

Recap on repairs:

Topical cord bindings$20 each.

Inlaid Rattan bindings – $60 each

New Utaguchi inlay – $160.

Filling Utaguchi Chip – $75

Chin Rest Angle and Ikigaeshi Breath Return (top opening) Adjustments $75 – $125

Nakatsuki Joint Restoration:
Rattan wrap – $160
Replacing compromised cord and chipped loose urushi wrap – $120
Refitting and tightening joint with urushi – $100$160

Bore Restoration and Tuning – $100 – $500

Moving Finger holes – $100 ea. Enlarging or shrinking – $80.

Retuning bore, note adjustments for tonality, fluidity and dynamic range – $100 – $500


I work from different locations so email me at yungflutes at gmail dot com for the address. (preventing bots from finding me)

Pack the flute wrapped in plastic and disassembled if its a two-piece flute in the smallest box possible with minimal packing material. I prefer USPS Priority Mail with some insurance for better tracking.

All my repair work is fully guaranteed to last another lifetime.

Thank you, – Perry

“Shakuhachi is a very difficult but rewarding path, one requiring knowledge, generosity, patience, and encouragement. Perry Yung has been a guide on this path for many people for many years (and my own since I began playing), offering his honest assessments of instruments and their needs, masterful, timely and affordable repair work, his incredibly crafted shakuhachi (and those of others) for sale at a fair price with an amazing guarantee, and a bodhisattva-like openness and concern for all who seek his assistance (and for all people). A shakuhachi is a very personal and precious hokki, and one can feel absolutely secure in having Perry be a part of their ever-unfolding journey. ” – Paul Amiel, AZ

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