The sound of the Shakuhachi

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Sorry for the silence on this side wink
I’m making a joke of course since we shakuhachi players often play with silence as part of the music. I just wanted to share this artwork that my friend Paul Gardner in the UK made for me. Silence is the Ma, the negative space that is conceptually used to define the energy of many classical Asian arts, especially in Japan and China. It is the Ying to the Yang, dark to the light, movement to stillness. Much of Taoist thought is played out in older Shakuhachi Honkyoku music. I saw a great concert where the Ma was heard throughout the evening. Here’s a review of it.

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Perry Yung:  Shakuhachi maker, musician

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SCHEDULE: November 7, 2015, The Craft of Pure Sound - shakuhachi making and playing workshop at Fire Lotus Temple, Brooklyn NY

Hi, I’m Perry Yung. Welcome! I first discovered the shakuhachi flute while performing in New York City as an actor in Ellen Stewart’s Oedipus the King. Night after night, the subtle sound grew to become all encompassing. Soon, I started making the flute as it was impossible to buy a shakuhachi in the pre-internet days of 1994. Time passed and eight years later got a grant to live in Japan to study traditionally with some of the best makers and players in the world. The shakuhachi changed my life in ways that words can not describe. My goal is to help you with a flute that can open that door as it is a beautiful world on the other side. Come on in!

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