1.8 Pro Level Fine-tuned Wooden Shakuhachi

1.8 Pro Level Fine-tuned Wooden Shakuhachi

This is a restored/refurbished wooden shakuhachi manufactured by Golden Phoenix Co in Japan around 2010. It is in near mint condition with new cork on the joint and personally fine-tuned to bring out the resonant quality and technical playability of the higher end professional Jiari style – tuned bore – bamboo flutes.


Fine tuning this flute!

The work was sealed in Japanese Bengari non allergenic urushi lacquer. It has been thoroughly washed and safe to ship. All my flutes are 100% guaranteed.

Shop relocating update March, 2020.

Hello, I’ll be working from Rhode Island from the end of March to mid April due to the coronavirus. Some of my TENSEI Line flutes picture below will be available soon.

I am still doing repairs but do not send your flutes to my New York City workshop. For the shipping address, contact me directly at yungflutes at the usual gmail dot com email. Stay safe !