1.8 Tensei Line Rebirthed Bamboo Shakuhachi Flute



A very nice restored 1.8 standard Jiari style flute made by Shin Sui – Clear Water in the 1980s. This is a contemporary smooth playing and responsive instrument made for serious students and professional musicians. The cracks are bound and joint made snug. The top #4 Ri finger hole is slightly off-set to the right so the finger holes are not in a straight line. I doubt anyone would have noticed this had I not pointed it out as it feels perfectly fine in the hands. As a result. It is offered below the market value for an instrument of this calibre. This is a very friendly flute as evidenced by the finger marks. around the holes. This is always a great sign of a well played flute. Normally in the $1800 new. This one has been personally fine-tuned so it plays at a higher level. Offered in my TENSEI Line of restored/rebirthed instruments. Fully guaranteed for any reason.


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