1970’s HIROMITCHI 1.8 KINKO Ryu Shakuhachi

1970’s 1.8 KINKO Ryu Shakuhachi

A fine intermediatel/advanced level KINKO Ryu instrument made by Hiromichi - wide road. there is another way to read this hanko but I'm not sure how. The second kanji is like Do - the Way. This is a restored instrument my Tensei Line of rebirthed shakuhachi. It has a softer more internal voice made for classical shakuhachi music but can play well in tune and plenty of volume for the Western approach to music also. A friendly flute overall that can be an instrument to grow with for many years, or a lifetime.


I collected this flute in Japan in 2003 and now it’s ready to find a new home. It plays perfectly in tune as expected by experienced players for classical shakuhachi music, Western ensemble music ands solo meditative playing. It has a sweet, more internal, nuanced voice when compared to today’s contemporary instruments geared for louder Western ensemble music situations. A fine flute for anyone who wants to sit with beautiful piece of bamboo.

It is flute #1 in the video.

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