Testimonials & Endorsements

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"It is a marvelous instrument and he was very pleased with it. Approval from my teacher meant a lot to me as I am no judge, but now I have great confidence and feel proud to own this beauty. Thanks so much." - L.G ., B.C. 2002

For Gyokusui 1.8 - "Just a quick note to let you know that I picked up the flute this evening and the rich resonant sound came out immediately. Wonderful! Thank you for your careful and sensitive attention to the repair. - P. Cooper, NYC

From Riley Lee's website interview with New Living Magazine: "... there is a fellow in NYC that makes shakuhachi. His name and email is: Perry Yung. His flutes are more of the 'homemade' variety, but are still very playable and in fact can be more visually pleasing than the cheaper ***** flutes. Perry's flutes are $200 or less, I think." Read the full article here - Riley Lee, 2000

For Aoki Reibo 1.8 - " Perry, the flute looks AWESOME...You truly are an asset to the shakuhachi community!" - L.Farrare NYC

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