Testimonials & Endorsements

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"Hi Perry.
Thank you so much for fine tuning my wooden shakuhachi. You are truly a master. The difference is amazing. Before the fine tuning, I had to tune in on the flutes and find the embouchure. After the fine tuning I can just pick them up and they sing. The octaves otsu and kan are now in balance. Go No Ha and San No Ha are achievable without straining. I can now play Honkyoku on them with a quality that was impossible for me to achieve before the fine tuning.
As you stated the light cedar flute is a bit better. I could not feel that before your work, but I can now. I am very glad that flute is now so playable, since that is such a light weight flute for hauling around.
Peace and blessings "
- - Ron Bracale

" Perry It's been some time since I purchased the 3.0 Chikusing from you. I just wanted to share a comment about it.
Every Shakuhachi I got from you has brought me great joy and endless moments of peace and harmony, taking me to places of beauty beyond words where the essence of sound and life live. This 3.0 F Chikusing of Speckled bamboo has something very unique and special about it. It stands out among the others even though all are one-of-a-kind...this one seems like a different kind of instrument altogether...hard to explain in words, but it has a very magical character... What I noticed was that when I'm "centered" and empty minded it just flows. It reminds me of a martial art, but instead of a weapon like a sword, it's a beautiful instrument with an esoteric quality that can take one to a high level of amazement, awareness and bliss.
Each sound played, each note, has this deep full sound that makes ones linger a bit in joy.......Perhaps you can relate to that.

A million thanks to you!"
- - Chris Nance, Plantation, FL


While traveling, my loving shakuhachi was stolen in JFK.
And when I looked for a new shakuhachi in NY, I met Perry.
I feel something different to his shakuhachi which he made for me in the limited budget.
I play it almost everyday.
Thank you! - - Yosuke Onishi, Japan

"Dear Perry, I got the instrument today. I was in shock. The shakuhachi is "allowing me to play it". I don't have to fight it. I think the fine tuning you did to the instrument made a big difference. The mouth area fits my face better, allowing me to let go. The more relaxed I blow, the louder and am more in control I feel which is what I wanted to have. I have this wooden shakuhachi with a Katsuya stamp. A friend gave it to me new nearly 30 years ago. It does not blow anything like this one. Funny you mentioned the urushi. I do not have any allergy. But, I could not put my finger on that smell/taste while I was playing yesterday. All I knew was that I reminded of Japan. Now I know. I feel like I have received a great gift. Thank you. You are a very special person." - Colin Teaoka, Hawaii - Colin Teaoka, Hawaii

"There are many reasons why living in New York is great. And if you are a
professional shakuhachi player, one of those reasons is Perry Yung. Recently I spent
several hours in his shakuhachi workshop as he worked tirelessly to improve
several of my instruments. Perry's work is remarkable. He worked with
patience and keen insight as, little by little, he made minor adjustments to
the instruments' bores to open and enhance the sound. Following every few
swipes of sandpaper, here and there in the bore, measuring sticks in hand, I
would test the sound - over and over, until the flute played to my
satisfaction. In addition to this delicate and courageous bore work, Perry
converted three of my instruments to seven-hole flutes with the skill and
expertise I have come to expect from this master craftsman. Bravo to Perry
Yung. May you please live (in New York) a very long time."James Nyoraku Schlefer, Dai Shihan

"Perry, I am overwhelming with what I have experienced from Yung Flutes. The vibration when I played is incredible. I could feel it is deepened into my inner even though I am just a beginner Shakuhachi player. Thank you so much and all the best" - Thailand, - Sawasdee Krub Medhi

Jean-luc Peilhon
Je n'ai pas rencontré Perry Yung...pas encore!cependant quand mon éxellente
1.8 s'est fendue sur 15 cm aux grands froids de Février...je n'ai pas hésité
longtemps: il m'a fait une jolie réparation et j'en ai profité pour la
transformer en 7 trous: un super travail, précis , rapide, esthétique. Et
comme il joue aussi très bien vous etes sur de la qualité de ces
ajustements! bref je le recroiserais en vrai un de ces jours...sur le chemin
du Bambou.

Rough translation:

I have not met Perry Yung ... yet! However when my Exellente
1.8 is split is 15 cm to extreme cold of February ... I did not hesitate
long: he made me a nice repair and I took the opportunity to transform it to
a 7 hole instrument: a great job, accurate, fast, aesthetics. And
as he also plays very well you're on the quality of these
adjustments! in short I recroiserais true one of these days ... on the road
- Jean-luc peilhon Musicien /compositeur France

"Many thanks Perry for helping me on my shakuhachi journey. Many people may have great knowledge of this & that, but lack the ability
to teach & inspire others of that knowledge, but you my friend can & do. A thousand thank yous!"

- David Brine, The Bahamas.

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