Testimonials & Endorsements

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"Dear Perry, Today i received your 2.4. I believe there are no words to describe what a beautifull 2.4 it is! The instrument is truly a masterpiece. I am very VERY happy...the sound is really warm, breathy and PURE, just the way I like it. - K.T., Amsterdam,Holland. 2003

"Such a nice instrument. Beautiful tones. Honto ni domo arigato gozaimasu. - J.E., Canvey Island, Essex, United Kingdom.

"I've actually had it out in public, at a local music store, and everyone, (including the Rockers), was effusive in their praise of the sound of the instrument, so I know it's not just me that's happy with it. (We players can be seriously self-delusional at times, you know.)
Thank you for a wonderful instrument at a great price. - B.H, CA.

I had to write to say that I have been playing your 2.3 shakuhachi everyday for the past month. The problem is, it is so responsive that it makes my older Japanese 1.8 and 1.9 difficult to play. I am looking to order a CHIKUSING 1.8 from you. - J.W., Australia

"A week into owning your beautiful 1.8, I just wanted to write and tell you, I can't put it down! It truly is the easiest playing flute I have ever tried! I had a chance to play this past weekend at the Humes Japanese Stroll Garden on LI, along with several other shakuhachi players. Everyone loved your flute! In fact ****used it on a few pieces he performed. You may be getting a call from a man named ****, who also plays and was very impressed with your work! - K.S, NY. 2003

"Your choukan was a great hit at the (Colorado Shakuhachi) Camp, especially for those with the chops to play it well. It is truly a remarkable flute, and I want to thank you for letting in into my life. - E.B., CO. 2003

"These comments are coming from one who has been playing very responsive "modern" ji-ari flutes almost exclusively. For the record, I have in my possession a very pretty ji-ari 2.1 by Gyokusui (the son) worth $2000--it isn't mine--and I'd put your 2.1 well ahead of it for playability and responsiveness, even up high. - E.B., CO. 2003

"I have become a hermit and your 3.0 is partly to blame...your flutes are magic. I want to send you a CD recording I made with your 2.4. - P.D., Vancouver, B.C. 2003

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