Testimonials & Endorsements

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"Hi Perry! I got my flute today! Great instrument!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am very happy!!! Good tuning, good tone (very flexible), fairly easy to play (still I'll have to get used to it...)Thank you very, very, very much!!! I am happy I found you!! - C.M Ontario, Canada

Follow up:
I played it again tonight, the flute is exactly what I was looking for (and what you told me...)
You contribute to create a better world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks again! Claude

3rd Follow up:
Your 2.8 has become my favorite instrument. - Claude M,Professional musician, Montreal Canada. 2004

"Perry, I received the shakuhachi yesterday, everything is perfect!" - Bruno Dechenes, Professional shakuhachi musician and teacher, Montreal Canada. 2008

"Like a fresh breath of air come your shakuhachi, is an amazing discovery to play a long flute and Ji-Nashi!" - Antonio Olias, Professional musician, Madrid, Spain, 2004

"Your shakuhachi is great. I am a professional xiao player, I find it so powerful, responsive, even on the top octave. It responds fast and even. And, in pitch! Let me know if I can do anything for you in Hong Kong. - J.L Hong Kong, China. 2003

"I have been playing the 2.8 for up to 8 hours everyday. My body is getting used to long flutes. The Ro is so big. I am glad I discovered the Jinashi. Others have heard me play both the 1.8 and your 2.8 and they say yours ( the 2.8) is a real shakuhachi. I can't wait to show my teachers. - Antonio, Spain

"What a beauty! Perry, i am so impressed with this shak. It is the most gorgeous flute ever! It plays so easily and projects like an opera singer. So booming and subtle at the same time. I am so happy. i have a lesson soon and i am so excited about showing this off to my instructor. Thank you so much for everything. i am completely satisfied regardless of what my teacher might think. i can tell you now that i will be keeping this and your record will remain unblemmished in terms of satisfaction. - J.A., Santa Cruz, CA 2003

I just want to let you know that I'm very happy with the Chikusing 1.8 you've made for me , now I can tell you without doubts that you are a very good shakuhachi maker !!! Xie Xie!!! - M.B, Shanghai, China 2003

"I can play Kyorei, Hon Shirabe and am working on Tamuke. This week I got some folk songs to lighten up a bit. This is great fun and I must say that I use your flute most of the time. - D.K., MN

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