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Hi Perry,
I received the shakuhachi, the repair is excellent. I think that was a rather difficult hole to fill or plug, and you
did a very professional and artistic job of it. I really appreciate your work. Thank you kindly, - B.L., Sonoma, CA

Bonjour Perry,
Bien recu la Flute reparee.
Apprecie beaucoup le travail soigne et precis.
La sonorite est nettement amelioree.
Le vernis rouge donne un bel aspect, finalement je PREFERE NATUREL-COULEUR BAMBOU
Ma Meilleur Flute est la premiere achetee chez Perry.
Attends avec impatience la Master-Flute.
Merci d'avance
- Francois Noviczky - 2012 Paris, France

"Many thanks Perry, Couldn't be happier those"tweaks" turned a lump of bamboo into a Shakuhachi which I'm finding hard to put down once I start playing, its timbre resonates with my soul and I'm really proud it now bears your Hanko.
All the best"

- Bill Lewis, Melbourne. Australia - Bill Lweis

"In life, we should never take it for granted when our paths cross with another. I just want to say a great big thank you to Perry for much more than just crafting such a professional Shakuhachi, it has been a journey…of patience, kindness, passion and knowledge. We sometimes focus so much on the goal that we miss the journey. When I look at the beauty of the earth, I see God’s fingerprints all over it, they are not hard to find, and you just know they were made with love and passion. It is the same with this Shakuhachi, your fingerprints are all over it with your heart and soul. Thanks Perry for that. I highly recommend your expertise to anyone interested in owning a Shakuhachi, but don't forget the journey of who Perry is.

Thanks my friend."

- Fred Croce, February 2012 - Fred Croce

Over the past four decades, I have seen the cost of good bamboo shakuhachi from Japan go up and up. They have now become more than many of my students are willing or able to spend. This is especially so with people just starting off on their shakuhachi journeys. Recently, I asked Perry if he had any reasonably priced shakuhachi for sale. He sent me two of his Tensei flutes. They were exactly what I was after. I found homes for both within weeks.

The two flutes played as well as flutes costing two or three times as much, with good pitch, even voicing, steady tones and great tone colour. My students particularly appreciated their 'wabi-sabi' appearance. One of the flutes went to the Outback in Australia's Top End, where temperatures can vary by 40 degrees F between day and night, and the humidity goes from about 10% in the dry season to nearly 100% during the 'wet'. Perry's lifetime guarantee was most reassuring to the new shakuhachi owner there.

I've only seen two of Perry's Tensei flutes so far, but they certainly won't be the last I'll be getting for my students. Knowing Perry's penchant for perfection, I can comfortably give his flutes my highest recommendation."
- Riley Lee, Dai Shihan, Organizer of the World Shakuhachi Festival, Sydney, Australia 2008. - Riley Lee

"I suggest that while you are in New York you contact Perry Yung, who is making excellent instruments right here in New York, and some of them are very reasonably priced. Perry is a wonderful person...You could visit him, pick a flute, and take an introductory lesson, or maybe two or three lessons before you leave New York." - Ralph Samuelson, Kinko Ryu performer and teacher - New York City. Jan, 2009

"Perry Yung is a rare man to find in the Shakuhachi World today. Perry may well prove to be one of the handful of non-Japanese that can make a Shakuhachi in the traditional style - equal to the best of the Japanese makers themselves. There's just no stopping him and his talents!" - Ronnie Nyogetsu Reishin Seldin, Grandmaster, March 22, 2006

"Perry Yung, beside being very helpful and friendly, is a great asset to the shakuhachi community! I have had the pleasure of dealing with him on more than one occasion. I bought a flute and recently he restored an interesting flute of mine. And he did a very nice job. Every step he communicated and asked my consent, restoring this flute slowly to the most original intention. I am very pleased I can say! Hope he will participate in the new forum as he did before in the old one. With sincere interest and enthusiasm he participated there. The new forum can be found at: http://www.shakuhachiforum.eu/index.php. Perry and other shakuhachi players; hope to meet you there. " - - Bas Nijinhuis, Shakuhachi student, Michael Chikusen Gould, Netharlands

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