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Hi Perry,
I wanted to take a little time with the flute before writing. I am, as I think you know, a professional musician (saxophone, primarily), but a very amateur shakuhachi player--self-taught, but in love with the process of learning from the journey. That is my preface because it always takes me a few visits back to a flute to settle in. I can tell you that I noticed right away how strong "ro" was! So cool. And I had been giving myself a hard time for the lack of smoothness from some notes to that "ro", when I see now that it was not all me!

I may not know exactly what your modifications are meant to do, specifically, but I can tell you that, for me, there are some wonderful and noticeable improvements. In addition to what I've mentioned, the shift from the lower register to the next register is remarkably smoother. The higher notes themselves are stronger and more focused. There is a more even sound between registers, and also from note to note. Although I am not a player of fast shakuhachi passages, I notice that I can run through scale-like passages with much greater fluidity. I think I am only beginning to feel how much breath and sound the flute can take, compared to before, so I look forward to learning from the flute with that! I look forward to discovering even more Perry Yung improvements as I continue to spend time with my "new" shakuhachi!" - David Key, Shakuhachi Enhancement May, 2012

"Hi Perry,
I got the shakuhachi and it is beautiful. Thank you for the excellent job of
restoration. I know I will enjoy many years of playing this wonderful instrument."

- Ron Randis’ Seian Shakuhachi Restoration June 2012

"Hi Perry
Thanks for the great work. My shaku looks fantastic. Thank you for stabilizing the root end tips, they do look much better. I don't know if it's psychosomatic, but it seems to play easier!"
- Jay Santos - June 2012

"It is rare indeed to find, not just nowadays, but guess at any time, a combination of aesthetics, craftsmanship and down to earth functionality...and this is what makes Perry Yung and his flutes even more special. I have two of his flutes, a 1.8 and a 2.2 and while the flutes are amazing instruments and play beautifully, it is even more delightful to discover Perry, the person and the flute maker..his instruments reflect his passion for the combining integrity of beauty and functionality. And these two flutes are certainly not the last Yung flutes...I intend to get some more as time goes by.
Thank you Perry for these beautiful instruments and for the generosity and patience of your time." - New Delhi, India.
- Rashid Ansari - Martial Arts Instructor,Choreographer/Dancer, Theater Director and Musician.

Encore une fois, Perry Yung est à la hauteur de sa réputation! Un Maitre pour restaurer et réparer le shakuhachi!
Ma 1,6 et ma 2,4 me sont revenues vibrantes et sonores! Et que dire de son travail esthétique qui est soigné et respectueux
Pour tout ceux qui sont désireux d'améliorer ou faire une réparation sur leur shakuhachi, je recommande Perry sans aucune hésitation( de plus il est sympathique et patient.......wink

- Michel Dubeau - Joueur et professeur de shakuhachi professionnel (Québec, Canada)

Perry's sensitivity to aesthetics and and his technical skills are so honed that he can be trusted with even the most delicate repairs to priceless instruments. The problem for us is that often that you may find a great craftsman or a superlative musician, but it is hard to find both wrapped up in one. In the case of the Shakuhachi, this explains why so few really fine flutes are being produced these days. It is just too hard to develop two careers in our fast paced world, and be up to the standards of the past. But that is what Perry aims for- a target that we all would like to reach with some satisfaction in our lifelong pursuits. Hitting that mark in terms of restoration means listening carefully to the artwork at hand; to the message from its creator, to the state of its current woes, and the feelings of its current owner who is lucky enough to be the person to breathe life into it for our time. Like the maker, the restorer must feel deeply what it means to find beauty in the seeming simplicity of the sound of bamboo. - Daniel Nyohaku Soergel, 5/2012

Perry, it came today.

Excitement on Muskrat Lake (for me, anyhow) ;->
I love everything about it -- thanks for a wonderful flute.

I appreciate your craftsmanship very much.

Onatrio Cananda. - John Mahoney

I began studying with Marco Lienhard late last year, and so I went to Perry for a 1.8. I decided on one of his Tensei model Jiari 1.8's, and after hearing about everything my teacher said, he gave the Shakuhachi a stellar custom tune up. And then things got interesting. I developed an allergy to urushi, and so Perry let me try other flutes over the following weeks, from enhanced wooden 1.8's to a beautiful array of Japanese masters 1.8's. Marco found that Perry's custom tuned Tensei model was beautifully balanced, stood up to much more expensive flutes, and was absolutely worth holding on to, and so Perry offered to redo the bore with synthetic lacquer. Marco and I are both very happy with the end product. It is a flute to cherish and grow with. I had never experienced such generosity of time, advice, and knowledge, until I met Perry. He handled my every need with grace and patience, and went above and beyond. I would also highly recommend a Tensei 1.8 Jiari from Yung Flutes to new students: Perry will make sure you have a fine flute, and you can gain a priceless amount of knowledge about the actual physical Shakuhachi.

Thanks for everything Perry!
- Zak Skinner, New York City, April 2012

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