Testimonials & Endorsements

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"Perry, from one musical craftsman to another, you do amazing work and are a critical asset to the legacy and memory of all of those who made these wonderful instruments. I still play the flute I got from you everyday, and I must say that I am glad I build/repair guitars, not Shakuhachi for a living. Most people have no idea the amount of care and precision required to do what you do. I know how hard it is...and I have the greatest amount of respect for you."
Namaste -
- Jacques Belanger, Canada

"It took weeks to muster these thoughts. Many times after a solo session I would just sit there laughing. Sometimes the Shakuhachi to me feels like an old teacher with each session teaching me something amazing and new. Other times, it grows quiet and refuses me. We have an amazing relationship and I would never be able to truly express how much I am bonding with this Shakuhachi. It is changing my mind when I play it, it is changing my soul when I listen...Your work has made a remarkable impact on my well being and I THANK YOUR NAME every time I play." Cheers! ~ 2.7 Earth shakuhachi in Alaska, - Alexander Kaye

Hi Perry, received the Mitsu Nami back today just in time for a lesson. Really great job, Gave my sensei Anne Norman a turn on it, She had trouble handing it back to me she was really impressed. Thank you for the excellent job once again!"
- - Bill Lewis, Australia

I've just unpacked the flute, put it together, and just to hold it in my hands it 'feels' a wonderful instrument. It has a personality that exudes possibilities. I understand why the shakuhachi is described as "a hollow bell". It resonates even without playing it!
I've just played through Kyorei and the ease of playing Tsu-meri on this flute is remarkable.
Thank you so much Perry, this is truly a wonderful instrument. I only hope that I can do it justice!
The pack of goodies was unexpected and I have to say the quality of the bag is superb.

Thank you for a fast, friendly and truly professional service.

Your friend,

- Paul Gardner, United Kindom

"Hi Perry, great news!!! I received my flute 5 minutes ago! SO, it must
be problem with USPS tracking service. It's beautiful! And sounds great.
I love it!!! HURRRRAAY!!!!! I'm so happy, thank you!
- Jacek Kita, Warszawa, Poland

"Hello Perry,

I just received my shakuhachi and it exceeded all of my expectations. Your selection of bamboo and the tonal quality, deep and almost haunting, is just beautiful. The offset was perfect and makes fingering much easier. Thank you for making sure it was so special to me. I've always believed a true master craftsman puts all of his talent and experience into every piece he makes. It doesn't matter whether it is his least expensive creation or his most expensive - the talent just shines through every piece. You are a treasure and I hope I can do it justice...

Thank you,"
- Kate Robson

" Hi Perry, After several hours of playing, I've had no problem with an allergic reaction. Anyway: I'm not a very experienced player, but I'm totally thrilled with the flute, with the work you did, and how it plays. The transformation was incredible. It feels smoother, more responsive, certain transitions are much easier for me to make gracefully...and it sounds great. And nice accessories! You do beautiful work, and I can't thank you enough.

Student of David Wheeler - Glenn Arndt

"I want you to know that your flute has brought me to a new creative place in my life. I play it every day both to learn more about the proper playing of Honkyoku and simply for the pleasure of exploring the different tones it makes. Before I had your flute I was limited by the home made ones I had produced. They are poorly tuned and shy of voice. However, through playing your flute I have learned to make my flutes sound better. Thank you so much!" - Brett Mongillo, June , 2012

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