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Got the flute yesterday... The shakuhachi is awesome. I think you did a real good job of matching the previous bindings. The thickness is the same, which is so important, and the color hardly distinguishable unless you are a geek looking specifically for some very small difference. The tsu dai meri is easy which I think improved. The big thing I like about the flute is the fact the the kari notes are big enough in volume and the meri notes are already small. To me, this is shakuhachi."

I think you did a great job on this. Thanks a lot.

- Michael Chikusen Gould - Dai Shi han, Cody, Wyoming

"Bonjour Perry,
je viens tout juste de recevoir le Shakuhachi que je t'avais envoyer, et qui était très endommager.
Tu a fais un superbe travail, et mon instrument sonne de nouveau a merveille. Tu a su lui donner une nouvelle vie et pour cela je te remercie énormément.
Merci pour ta patience, ta gentillesse et ton travail." - March, 2015

Translation: Hello Perry,
I just received the Shakuhachi I had you send , and who was very damaging .
You do a superb job, and my instrument sound again wonderfully . You knew how to give it new life and for that I thank you very much .
Thank you for your patience, your kindness and your work. - - Quentin Vieville, Aulnay sous bois, France

Hi Perry,

Just to say I absolutely love this thing. It is beautifully light and a joy to play, and being a pianist I needed very little time to get used to the extra stretch needed for the finger holes after my 1.8. I really appreciate the overall craftsmanship and esp. the quality of the numerous bindings as well as the precision and regularity of the finger holes (my 1.8 is lousy in this respect). And thanks also for the unexpected extras.


- Johanne S, Victoria, Australia

Hi Perry,
I wrote this recommendation of your work.

"First of all, he is the best shakuhachi maker in New York. He will repair any problems and fast too. Also, he is one of the very strong performers I know of -- strong low voice, concentration, presentation on stage, the way he moves, you can enjoy him all. I am a shakuhachi player as well, but the way he plays is incredibly, Japanese traditional way and amazing." - Yukio Tsuji, award winning composer, New York City Dec, 2014

"Hi Perry, That's a beautiful flute (1.6, 7-hole Jiari Yung Model, professional instrument). All I was hoping for and more, it even LOOKS beautiful!
But what I really appreciate is the way it just speaks right up -- all the octaves, all the notes, easy to play, right in tune. Such a big voice for a shorter flute, and everything there, from a really clear focused sound to a warmer bamboo sound, and all the wild shakuhachi sounds as well. It's a wonderful thing to have someone like you around, making fine flutes with all the insight of a fine player as well.
Much appreciated,"
- Nora Suggs, Nohraku, Jun Shihan, 12/2014

"I don't write many recommendations but I can honestly recommend Perry for a variety of shakuhachi work; closing and sealing cracks, putting on bindings (using both old style rattan and new; it's best to have something that matches aesthetically with the color and syyle of bindings which may already have been used and Perry accommodates me with this often), spot tuning, tsuno ire repair and fixing naka tsugis. Perry has also been very accommodating in helping get work done in good time, which I and my students appreciate very much. Can't have your "kids" out of the house very long! " - Michael Chikuzen Gould, Dai Shihan, 12/2014

The flute arrived yesterday afternoon. As expected, your work exceeds expectations. Gorgeous instrument and really good sound. It will be one of my favorites... come to think of it... all my favorites have gone through your capable hands!"
- - Joseph Pepe Danza

"Greetings Perry, I had two lessons with my teacher this last few days in Galicia Spain. I played my older flute, the 1.8 with an unknown signature and he said it was even better than his concert flute. I suggested to him that he send you his flute for renewing it to its original great sound. So many thanks for bringing this flute back to huge and powerful yet delicate sound sound! ...I am recommending you to all." - Germany,
- Eric Wuersten

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