Yung Models

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Yung Professional Model

Yung Professional Model

Yung Models are authentic Japanese shakuhachi and are made by commissions only. These high grade instruments are made in respect to the lineage of Tamai Chikusen.  (Tamai is the great grandfather of all of the top master makers today, including my teacher Kinya Sogawa, Tom Deaver, Hoshi Bonchiku and Yamaguchi Shugetsu among others). All YUNG Models are made from aged Japanese Madake Bamboo hand selected by Kinya Sogawa personally for me.  The finest traditional materials include Tonoko/Seshime Ji plaster, Shuai or Honshu Red urushi lacquer, Water Buffalo horn or Ivory (reclaimed) inlay, and 2 rin (thin) rattan joint wrap and the most important ingredient - respect for tradition and my teachers.

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