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The Universal Flute: Discovery in a Single Tone by Ralph Samuelson Shakuhachi

Perry Yung Shakuhachi Image

Perry Yung Shakuhachi Image
The Universal Flute: Discovery in a Single Tone
(Mostly) American Music Ralph Samuelson Shakuhachi

Henry Cowel           1. The Universal Flute 4:47
Teizo Matsumura     2. Shikyoku Ichiban (Poeme 1), with Yoko Hiraoka, Koto 14:44
RIchard Teitelbaum 3. Hi Kaeshi Hachi Mi Fu 8:56
Bun-Ching Lam       4. Three songs of Shide , with Tomoko Sugawara, Kugo harp 6:26
Elizabeth Brown       5. Afterimage, with Yoko Hiraoka, Shamisen and voice 9:21
Henry Cowell           6. Reprise: The Universal Flute, with Steve Gorn, bansuri 9:03
This CD is normally $17 but because I can only use USPS Priority Mail shipping, it is on sale for $15.

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