Yung Flutes Shakuhachi Introductory Booklet and CD

Yung Flutes Shakuhachi Introductory Booklet and CD
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The Yung Flutes Introductory Shakuhachi Booklet and CD


This book comes from 15 years of contemplating about how to share the essence of the shakuhachi. I played the shakuhachi without having studied formally for many years until I started studying Kinko Style music with a Grandmaster. After that, I went to Japan to study with some of the most experienced shakuhachi teachers in the world. This instruction guide is designed for the player who may not have access to a real teacher. It is simply written with clear illustrations so that learning is visual, fun and can aid the individual into a path of self-exploration and discovery. My Introductory guide is not meant to replace a teacher, but to offer a glimpse into the wonderful world of the shakuhachi in an easy and tangible way without having to learn a foreign language. The best thing about my guide is that it takes the beginner through different stages of music by starting with a simple American folk song as a familiar entry way that will lead to the Zen Honkyoku music. Each new piece of music introduces new techniques through traditional notation and examples on the CD. The diligent and focused player can progress in a clear and step-by-step manner. The symbols and notation learned can be applied to formal study of Kinko or Dokyoku schools of music. After many years of contemplation, I feel that my booklet is the gateway into sitting in front of a shakuhachi master.

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