Complete Shakuhachi Accessories Kit

Complete Shakuhachi Accessories Kit
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This package is designed for those who possess a shakuhachi but need the guidance and care products required to learn with and protect the flute. The book is written for those who may never have access to a live one-to-one lesson with a good shakuhachi teacher. My Introductory Guide is written after many years of continued studies with my own teachers. I realize that many people all over the world may never be able to take a lesson so this book focuses on how to get the most with self-guided study. It is written so that the player can discover the world of the shakuhachi with a unqiue and personal relationship. The bag, cap, cloth help to preserve and protect the flute for many many years, or a lifetime. Please feel free to ask any questions what so ever.

- Book and CD - $21.95
- Sturdy cloth bag -$16.99
- Chikusing Leather Cap - $12.99
- Tsuyutochi Cloth - $10.99
- Plastic tube bag - $1.00

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