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Topical Nylon Bindings for Cracks

Topical bindings

Perry Yung Shakuhachi Image

Topical bindings are usually done with nylon cord but sometimes I take a request for 25 lbs Mono filament line. Both work exceptionally well and the choice is based on the owner’s aesthetic choice.  Each bindings is coated and sealed with Japanese Urushi lacquer for long lasting wear. Under normal shakuhachi care,these should last a life time, or more.

To find out how many bindings you will need, measure the length of the crack. You will need one binding every inch plus an additional binding to prevent migration. So, if the crack is four inches long, it will require five bindings.

Perry Yung Shakuhachi Image
Black bindings
Perry Yung Shakuhachi Image
Cord bindings are $20 ea
The amount of Urushi coatings determines the cost: Single-coated binding are $20 each. The top section of a standard 1.8 two piece flute requires 8 bindings.

Perry Yung Shakuhachi Image
Triple-coated, hand rubbed binding are $40 each.

$20 - $40

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