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Inlay Rattan Bindings for Cracks

Inlay Rattan Bindings
Perry Yung Shakuhachi Image
This is one of the most delicate kinds of repairs performed on the shakuhachi. It involvess cutting a channel in the bamboo, removing the material and then binding in the channel. It is then sealed in epoxy or Ji plaster and cosmetically wrapped in rattan. Every part of this process is a delicate operation that requires focus and attention.

Perry Yung Shakuhachi Image

Made by Aoki Reibo

The result is one of the most beautiful aspects of shakuhachi repair. Although cutting into the bamboo can be a philosophical issue, inlays do add just slightly more strength to the binding. It can last longer than topical with less attention to proper care. To determine the amount of bindings required, measure the length of your crack. It will need one binding per inch plus one additional binding to prevent migration. So, if your crack is four inches long, you will need five bindings. Inlays rattan bindings are $55 each.


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