What is a shakuhachi?

Shakuhachi is the quintessential bamboo flute of Japan made famous by Komuso Priests of Emptiness. They wandered the Japanese countryside playing the shakuhachi for alms. The Shakuhachi epitomized the ethereal world the Komuso lived in - a world of chants, meditation, and impermanence. The sound is sublime. The playing a ritual. Daily practice will introduce the player into a new world.

For more about the history of the shakuhachi, visit the Shakuhachi History section of my blog

Perry Yung Shakuhachi Image

Hear a bass Chikusing shakuhachi!

This sample is played in the Zen Dokyoku style created by the famous Komuso Monk Watazumi and is based on the oldest Zen Honkyoku music known as the Myoan or Miean style. It is raw, organic and sublime. There are many styles of shakuhachi music let alone Zen music.


Zen saying for Perry.