Three Hankos used at Yung Flutes

Here are the three Hanko Stamps used in my shop. below is the one used on my professional level instruments and Chikusing Models. It is my Chinese name and reads Yung Hai Wah - Yung Ocean Flower
Perry Yung Shakuhachi Image


Perry Yung Shakuhachi Image
My EARTH Model Stamp. Used on entry level instruments and sometime Hocchiku all natural flutes.

Perry Yung Shakuhachi Image
My TENSEI Line Stamp. Used on refurbished or reconditioned fine Japanese made shakuhachi. Many are usually Vintage era flutes that were damage but completely restored.Tensei translates in Japanese as rebirth through music.


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04/08  at  10:34 PM

In this article your write your Chinese name as
“Yung Hai Wah”, but in the Hanko Database[1], it is written as
“Yung Hoi Wah”.

Which spelling is correct?  Or are the spellings interchangable?


11/27  at  07:19 AM

Hi, The are interchangeable depending upon whether the reader is Mandarin or Cantonese.
Thanks for asking! - Perry

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