Shakuhachi Making Workshops

Hi all, I’ve very excited about two shakuhachi workshops that are coming up. One on September 16th will be at the Japan Society in New York City taught by my teacher Kinya Sogawa. I am assisting in this workshop. There are two spaces left.  Kinya will also be teaching two other workshops - Playing Honkyoku Music (Sept 15) and Composing with the Shakuhachi (Sept 22). Additionally, he will be performing at Roulette in Brooklyn on Sept 23, playing solo honkyoku and new works composed by Ned Rothenburg and Elizabeth Brown. Performing with Kinya will be Ralph Samuelson and Ned. The other workshop will be at Zen Mountain Monastery on July 19 - 22. I will lead a weekend retreat where participants will make their own shakuhachi flute on the first day. Day two will begin with an introduction to the basic concept of mindful breathing that is required for shakuhachi playing. The rest of the day will be spent exploring one of the oldest Honkyoku pieces of music played by the Komuso Monks known as Kyorei. This ancient piece embodies the experience of playing the flute as both a meditation tool and musical instrument. Participants will receive a copy of the music notation written in Japanese kanji characters and will be able to read it by the end of the day. I really like the title for their workshop - The Craft of Pure Sound. See here for more info:



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